Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Retreat in Gladwin

A group of Q2 quilters recently attended a four day retreat at The Springs in Gladwin.   Here are four of the gals - Leslie, Deb, Kathy and Earlene - working diligently away (looks like Kathy is talking, though) at some of the many projects that were worked on by the attendees.  Have heard nothing but positive and enthusiastic comments on the outing.  Also, some of the girls were brave enough to ride the zip line -- I think this one is Nancy--
Brave girls!  I also know that Janna, Stephanie and Deb took the ride.  If you did and I missed you - leave a comment so others know of your daring!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful tops.  Leave a comment and  lay claim to these.
I would guess Linda is the quilter working on these.
Leslie is thinking hard about what goes next on her spool top.

Kathy has quit talking and is working on her pretty project.

This may be Stephanie's.  If not, please set the funoldhag straight with a comment.

I was right - there is Linda.  In the front is Janet.  However, I'm not quite sure who is in the background.  Please comment so we know for sure.

Janna sits at her machine working diligently.  I think I know but  am not quite sure of the two girls standing together - don't want to just guess so please let me know. Linda is at the back.
Becky at the back of the photo is engrossed in her task and Jana is seriously sewing.
This beauty is by Stephanie. 

Final piece - let me know who did this one. 

I would ask if any of you that were at the retreat have more pictures you would like to show, put them in an e-mail or a link to them and send along to me and I will put them on the blog.  Looks like you all had a fabulous time and got lots done. Would have loved to been with you!  

Monday, November 14, 2011

At Long Last!! The Mystery Quilt

Here are the long awaited instructions and first and second clues for the Q2 Mystery Quilt.  You have to click each one to see it in full and a larger size.

You can also right click on each one after enlarging and select print and it will print out a copy for you I think.    The third step for the quilt is in the post directly before this one.  Remainder of the steps will be posted around the first of each month.  If  I forget, someone remind me~~

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mystery Quilt

The November meeting of Q2 was held last Tuesday with Lenore Crawford giving a talk on her method of fusing fabric to make beautiful, realistic wall hangings.  Following on Wednesday and Thursday, a two day class in her technique was held.  I took the class and forgot to take my camera either day.  However, some of the girls did get their pieces done and they will show up here on the blog later.  Will also publish some show and tell later.

Here are the instructions for the November addition to the Judy Hopkins Mystery Quilt that some of you are doing.   Hopefully you won't have any problem reading this - but if so I think it will enlarge if you click on it.  (PS - Will add the instructions and first clue Monday - sorry for the inconvenience.)