Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quilt Show Spotlight

We are going to try some new things next year at our Quilt Show (get those dates on your calendar, April 30th - May 2nd 2010). Over the next few weeks we will share how plans are going and get your input including the following!!!!
Great news for hubbies and others who tag along with our "show goers"! Did you know that The Carriage House features an amazing collection of horse-drawn carriages and sleighs, and is home to mid-Michigan’s largest functioning blacksmith’s shop! We will be partnering with the Max Carey Blacksmith Guild, who have graciously agreed to have their shop next door to our Quilt Show open during the show! They will be demonstrating their craft, which FOH and I think is pretty neat. Here is some information about their Guild.

The Guild was informally begun in the late 1970s by a few men who were passionate regarding the craft and art of blacksmithing. They were led and taught by Max Carey, who had earlier generously donated his extensive collection of horse-drawn vehicles and blacksmithing equipment to the Midland County Historical Society (MCHS) and whose generosity was the primary reason for the construction of the Carriage House in 1975. Soon the group began meeting weekly, and they chose the group's name out of respect and appreciation for the skills, generosity and dedication of Max Carey.

Today the Guild has dozens of members consisting of men and women who carry on the skills and vision of Max Carey, who was so dedicated to continuing the craft of blacksmithing. The group meets most Wednesdays at the Carriage House and welcomes visitors and members to stop by. In addition to creating items of beauty and function for themselves and others, Guild members also assist the MCHS in a wide variety of ways including teaching classes, volunteering for special events and programs, forging items for the MCHS - including the outstanding fencing, arches, and trellises located on the Historical Sites grounds.


This is where we need YOUR help. The blacksmiths have agreed to make items for our Silent Auction to be held during our show (another new event!). They are looking for suggestions of things they can make - especially if it relates to quilting. If you drop by the MCHS main building you can see some of their work on display (really beautiful stuff). So put on your thinking caps and bring ideas to our November meeting - if you have pictures that would be even better as it gives the blacksmiths something to work from.
ALSO as a reminder - comment on any posting before our next meeting and you could win a FABULOUS prize ;-> Post as many times as you like (the better chance of winning)!
Look forward to seeing all of you on the 10th! Jewels

October Sit and Sew

Barbara sent along some pictures taken at the sit and sew held about two weeks ago. Here are Nancy and Shirley at the closet where the quilts of valor are stored.
Marsha is getting her binding done - sit and sew is a good place to do your handwork if you don't want to lug your sewing machine. Or it's a good place to just come and sit and visit!!

Joanne is working on the machine buttonhole applique block she made in my class. Good job, Joanne.

Deb is busy at her machine. Later she did a bowl like the ones done in Ami Simms class. Once all the rope is covered with fabric and the actual sewing starts, it looks as if you can have a bowl in no time.

Helen is concentrating on her project for the day. She has done so many charity projects - lots of pillowcases, the charity quilts. You don't find anyone nicer than this little gal! Always has a big smile on her face.

Here's the old hag with a casserole cover that she made. Still has to put the beads on the end of the wooden dowels.
Come join us on the third Tuesday of the month. Look to the left sidebar for time and place. It's a nice day!
And, a reminder!! Comment on this post or the previous one and any that are posted before next meeting and you will be in the drawing for the darling fabric collage that Julie made. It is pictured in the previous post.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Give Away!

Jewels: Heh Fun Old Hag!
FOH: Yes Jewels?
Jewels: I’m thinking we need to kick start our Blog.
FOH: What did you have in mind?
Jewels: I thought we could do something really rad for our Guild peeps.
FOH: I’ll have to ask my granddaughters what that means!
Jewels: You know, do something really excellent for our Blog followers.
FOH: That sounds like fun!
Jewels: Yes, I thought of doing a Give Away, but nothing from my inheritance …
FOH: What do you mean?
Jewels: You know – when you came to realize I was a long lost love child of yours that you decided to officially adopt and leave me all your quilting stuff
FOH: Hmmmm seems I have a lot of those in the Guild – I must have been unconscious those 9 months.
Jewels: Dang, well I thought we could tell everyone that they can leave as many comments as they want until November 8th and then we would announce the winner at our next Guild meeting.
FOH: What is the prize?
Jewels: This lovely fabric collage

FOH: Sounds pretty rad to me!
Jewels: Oh and sorry, you can’t leave a comment – knowing your luck you’d win!
FOH: Oh double Dang!
For our Guild members – just leave a comment on any posts between this one and our next Guild meeting on Nov 10th! If you choose Anonymous to leave your comment, please leave your first name and last name initial so we can figure out who you are – or send one of us an email saying you left a comment. We look forward to hearing from you. And if this goes well we will DEFINETLY have more Give Aways in the future.

Have Fun! Jewels (aka Julie) and Fun Old Hag (aka Carol)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making Fabric Bowls

Tam sent along some pictures from the class Ami Simms taught in September on how to make fabric bowls. Pictured above is Ami giving Linda some tips on this method.
Some of the pretty bowls made that day.
Marlene is thoroughly enjoying the process of making the bowls.
And Deb is also.

Another happy bowl maker is Barbara. Good job, girls. Anytime you have some pictures you think would be fun for the guild members to see, send them along to Julie or Carol. I have some taken at our Sit and Sew on Tuesday that will be posted in a couple of days. (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't Forget Sit and Sew on Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 20th, is our next Sit and Sew Day at the Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church, 5501 Jefferson Street. Gather your projects and come enjoy a day of sewing and spending time with a great group of women. If you haven't been there before, please come - it's a great way to get to know your fellow members of Q2. Some bring along a lunch and others go out to eat or go fetch something to bring back. Come any time 10:00 or after and we can stay until 3:00 p.m. There are no rules - come whenever you wish and stay as long as you want to. I am sure you will have good time. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Working on Machine Buttonhole Applique

Yesterday, I (Funoldhag-Carol) taught a class in machine buttonhole applique at the Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church.
The class sample followed by ones in progress by some of the girls taking the class.
Linda doing hers in batiks.

Kathy has hers in hand dyed fabrics and all fused to the background.

I think this is Pam's very pretty block.

Nancy's pretty piece.

Here I am at my Bernina. Fourteen of my fellow quilters turned out to work on this fun method and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope they came away feeling like it was time well spent.

Deb concentrates on using a template to draw leaves on fusible web. Linda is tracing part of the pattern.

Sandra hard at work while Jean also uses a circle template to mark the fusible web for the grapes in the pattern.

Shirley concentrates on practice stitching and Johanna is cutting out applique pieces.

Nancy working with the fusible web and Joanne cutting out leaves.

A big smile from Barbara while Judy is really concentrating.

Kathy irons the fused shapes to her fabric and here is Carrie working on her fused block.

Pam is tracing shapes while Tam is working on the practice piece everyone did at the beginning of the class.

What fun to see the different fabrics and colors the girls chose. You can be sure they all pass with flying colors, and I hope they will bring their pieces - finished or unfinished - to the November meeting. (Click to enlarge)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilt Exhibit - Textile Extensions

Browsing through today's Midland Daily News I came across information about an exhibition to start October 21st called Textile Extensions: Quilts in a New Context (click to go to website). Carole Harris (click to see Carole's web site) is the fiber artist and the location is the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University. The exhibit runs until January 28, 2010 - but Carole will be there at 4pm on opening day to give a talk about her work. Call 989 - 964 - 7125 for more information. I'll put a link under Quilty Events...and remember to let us know about any upcoming shows you know about that we can share!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Meeting

Quilters Squared met last night with a very enthusiastic group in attendance. Pictured above is Delphine of Delphine's Quilt Shop in Gaylord, MI, who presented a trunk show featuring many beautiful old antique quilts and equally beautiful quilts that she had made. I apologize for some of my pictures many of which I had to delete. Won't try to take them with the zoom since I think that is what made them so fuzzy.

This was one of the quilts that everyone loved. It had been rescued from a landfill! How could that be that someone would toss a lovely quilttop like that out in the trash? Delphine gave a great presentation that everyone enjoyed. Thanks so much!!

This is a lovely example of her quilts. Her work is wonderful. A slideshow is on the sidebar. Enjoy.

Here is a quilt from Show and Tell. I cannot remember who it was made by - isn't it a beauty? If it's yours or if you know who it belongs to, you could leave a comment ;_). Show and Tell is running on the sidebar.

Nancy, our president, Robyn and Lori show off a beautiful top.

Incredible! One by Linda McGibbons - thousands of pieces in this paperpieced masterpiece that she designed on EQ!
Lori, Nancy and Deb doing business with Earlene, our treasurer. All we can see of Earlene is her arm! Nancy Stanley, our president, ready to call the meeting to order.

These ladies are enjoying whatever is in the box - and in the second picture we have members at our quilting gambling table. Speaking of which - see the lovely orange bag? That is the October door prize brought by Tam. At our Christmas dinner last December, I won the doorprize - and actually drew my own name. I had won quite a few of the fat quarter drawings and was hearing all kind of remarks so I haven't been putting fat quarters in. So, therefore, I was really razzed in December! Last night, Julie went to buy some tickets and I gave her a dollar. The first number drawn out wasn't claimed by anyone - so there was another draw. Can you believe it was my number again? Lots of giggles and catcalls and lots of fun!! And what a great doorprize - a small portable iron that is new on the market. I should buy some tickets for the lottery, maybe------
I think Nancy Wyse won the fat quarters - someone correct me if I am wrong.
The first round of the round robins were shown. I took some pictures but not a one came out so will try and do better next time.
We are in need of a co-chairman and Linda McGibbons will accept that office. Thank you, Linda!
Tomorrow is my class in machine buttonhole applique at the Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church. I am looking forward to seeing some of you and hope that I can do a good job teaching. I am certainly going to try!
If I left anything out and you would like to see it on the blog, leave a comment or e-mail me at
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Blog for You to Check Out

As I looked around the web this morning, I ran across a blog with tons in information and patterns called the Quilt Library. I have put a link in the left sidebar for Blogs with Great Ideas - give it a click and check out all the stuff you can find there. One item that I really like is a link to all the fabric manufacturers that have wonderful free patterns. I am sure you could spend hours on this website. Everything is listed in categories and it includes some that I have looked at for years. One is Quilter's Cache which, if you can stand the music, is chockful of great block patterns. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Q2 Board Meeting

Tuesday evening, October 6th, a Q2 board meeting was held at the home of President Nancy Stanley. (Nancy makes a great pot of veggie soup!!) Many subjects were covered and some decisions made. Charitable projects were discussed and it is believed two quilts for Shelter House are still being worked on. Julie Oman is the contact for Shelter House. Pillowcases can still be made and more have been received from Helen Mudd. The contact person for these is Barb Ellis.

It was decided that no speakers will be booked for the first meeting in the fall. There is always so much to talk about and we are eager to show what we have made during the summer and to see what our fellow quilters have done. This leaves little time for everything that needs to be on the agenda and a speaker, also. Nancy S. will get in touch with Lori Masley to be sure she has grabbers for show and tell.

Discussion centered around setting up tables to sit around at meetings. It was decided that it would be better to just use the chairs (at least for now) in order to encourage more mingling of members.

Contact for meeting cancellation due to weather is Tam Premo. It was decided that the policy will remain if school is cancelled, our meeting will be cancelled. Exception is Christmas Banquet and we are committed to that snow or shine! The last two dinners have been on snowy nights but we had big turnouts!

We will be looking for a nominating committee to work on next year's board, a banquet committee, and a secretary for board and guild meetings.

Fat quarters!! The object of the "Fat Chance" is to put fat quarters into the basket - 1 or as many as you wish - and for each one you put in, write your name on a slip of paper and put it in the basket. The name drawn takes all of FQs.

Door prize: You buy a ticket (or as many as you want) and later in the evening the drawing is held. Good luck!! The prizes are furnished by a different person each month and there usually is a sign up sheet. They should be worth at least $10.00.

There will be more information on other items discussed at the meeting next week. Bylaws will be looked at, refund policy on classes, and other important matters will be brought to your attention.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the new meeting room. I missed the first one and am anxious to see our new home. :-) Carol

P.S. Take a peek directly to the right of this post. Would sure love to see some more pictures of followers for Pass the Tiara!! Pretty please! The Old Hag

Beautiful Quilt

Carolyn Freeman has her quilt shown in Frieda Anderson's blog along with other quilts at the Jacksonville Florida Quilt Fest. By clicking on this link you will be taken to Frieda's blog (called Walk in the Woods) and scroll down a way to find Carolyn's quilt which is wearing a ribbon.