Friday, April 30, 2010

Prize Winners at Show!

Hope everyone is making time to get to our show this weekend (see details on the side bar). We have some AWARD winners at the show including our own Shirley Wardynski who just last weekend took first place at the Bay City quilt show! Way To Go Shirley! Here she is with her masterpiece....and you can see it our show this weekend - so come on over and view all the great work by all our Guild members!

Jewels and Fun Old Hag....p.s. Bazaar Items are going Fast and EVERYONE is enjoying visiting the Blacksmiths....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilt Show Tips

I know we are not as big as the Quilt Shows in Houston, Paducah, Chicago or other big cities. But heh, we’ve been going strong for SEVEN years now so something keeps folks coming back!
In preparation for enjoying our show I thought I’d provide some tips for you to follow…

1. Bring a quilting buddy (or two or more!) – Someone who you can discuss the a. fantastic skills b. choice of fabric c. clever color combinations d. intricate appliqué work etc. etc. etc. of our quilters (I’m not kidding – they really are fantastic).

2. Be sure to “ooh and ahh” loud enough for us to hear you (but please don’t faint if you are overwhelmed by our stuff – my first aid is rusty). You might want to practice with your buddies in the car on the way to our Show. After all, we want to know we’ve got your attention! And while you’re at it be sure to vote for your favorite piece – it’s always a pleasure to be considered “viewers choice”!

3. Bring plenty of small bills – the ladies working the Bazaar area will appreciate it – and we promise you this is one of the favorite parts of our show. We’ve got the best deals in town on fabric, magazines, books and other neat “surprises”. I know you’ve got small change squirreled away somewhere – this is the weekend to spend it! (And we provide discrete shopping bags in case you feel the need to smuggle items back home - hee hee)

4. Unlike other shows, you really can bring your “significant other” and they won’t be bored – they are CERTAIN to enjoy watching the Blacksmiths in action – what a great compliment to our fabric art hanging next door! You’ll be amazed at their work – including items in our first ever Auction!

5. Comfortable shoes are a must – no we don’t take up “acres” of space but while you’re at the show why not wander around Heritage Park too and see the lovely buildings. Or take a quick stroll up the Pere Marquette Rail Trail – maybe break in those new tennies you bought for the summer (LOL). All quilters know you CAN burn calories doin the show stroll!

6. Bring your camera – we love people taking pictures of our masterpieces – lots for us to be proud of – and we don’t mind that you might just get inspired by what we’ve done.

7. Finally, have a GREAT time – we have often received wonderful comments on how fun our show is – just like minded folks who want you to enjoy their craft as much as they do.
Yes it will be nice weather this weekend (that’s what I’m predicting and I ‘m sticking to it) but why run the risk of getting a sun burn (you’ve got all summer after all)? Come on indoors and enjoy our lovely show April 30th, May1st and May 2nd – you won’t regret it. Jewels

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Auction Stuff

Another item you might be interested in at our Auction coming up next weekend...
If your into collecting vintage sewing items you might like this entry...
Old buttons, a piece of feedsack, old patterns, a needle card - there are a couple of reproduction pieces like the needle holder - and more. All in an old cigar box...

We also have long arm machine quilting time you can bid on ...

Look forward to seeing everyone! Jewels

Friday, April 23, 2010


Keep your Toes Cozy - Leslie Peterson and Janet Moll
Wall Art as only Caroline Freeman can do!

Hard to believe we are a WEEK away from our Quilt Show! There are lots of folks working behind the scenes on last minute details - THANK YOU ONE AND ALL! We had a great meeting this morning at the Carriage House and everyone is very enthusiastic....
Wall Hanging and Hand Knitted Socks - Linda McGibbon Originals!

We did want to share with you some of the items that will be in our Auction. Unfortunately we don't have pictures from the Blacksmiths but they have entered over 40 items! All kinds of quilt racks (free standing and for your wall) with different motifs and made using different materials (bronze, copper, silver). There is a 30" tripple quilt rack that over 60 hours was put into making it - I can't wait to see the final product!
Lovely Bed Quilt - thank you Alice Jensen...

Meanwhile, our own members have been generous as well -I'm posting pics for you to see just a sampling!

Gotta Have Quilters Bling - How Cute! A Mary Ann Howard production...

Wall Hanging - Oriental Fabrics - looks like a Carol Bornsheuer creation to me

Meet Rosebud - from the imagination of Ann Ward...

A crocheted afghan for TV Time perhaps - from Helen Mudd
There is more - so be sure to come to our Show - take in the lovely entries, browse through Bazaar items, enjoy the Blacksmiths working next door and spend time with friends!
Hope to see you there....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Forget

Tomorrow is Sit and Sew again. Hope to see lots of you there - check out the last item at the bottom of the left sidebar and you will see all the details. If you have never joined us, please do. I am sure you will be glad that you did. Come for the entire time or any amount of time. Such a great way to get to know your fellow quilters better. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Meeting

Quilters Squared had a busy meeting last night with lots of show and tell, the Story Book Challenge revealed, drawings ( I have forgotten the winners but you know who you are!!), talk of the fast approaching quilt show the end of this month, signups for Carolyn Freeman's class in May which sounds like lots of fun and also signups for our dinner in June to close out the year.

After all the business was taken care of, Krista Proust of Rosebush, Michigan, talked to us about women of the Civil War from 1800. She gave a delightful talk and brought along some wonderful old quilts for us to enjoy.

Here is Krista showing a very old, very fragile quilttop.

I think the quilt above on the left was one that was made for the 1933 Century of Progress and I think that was held in Chicago - but correct me if I am wrong. The quilt on the right is an absolute delight with butterflies, tulips, and other flowers appliqued on I think she said four old feedsacks. Again, just leave a comment to correct me or to add something I forgot. This one is just wonderful.

The red and white is the monkey wrench pattern - am I okay on that? And the one on the left is a quilt she appliqued with old hankies. How charming that is.

More butterflies flying on the diagonal rows - each with friends in like colors. So very pretty.

My favorite - each one is pieced and I think maybe appliqued on a block. The fabrics are so beautiful - what a great quilt. The border is a little strange and it has a ruffle - almost patriotic - but the quilt can't be beat as far as I'm concerned.

Enjoy this closeup by clicking on it-----------------------------

and this one, also. I plan to put these pictures on my blog, also, so other quilt lovers can enjoy them. (Click to enlarge)

Thanks to Krista for a nice presentation. And, there are two slide shows on the right side bar - show and tell and the challenge reveal. Enjoy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

April Meeting Next Tuesday, April 13th

Just a reminder that our April meeting is right around the corner - and Jackie has sent out another great newsletter for our guild. Don't forget to bring your Storybook Challenge quilts and your Round Robins. It is always such fun to see all of the projects made for the show. That will be here in no time!

Some really great news! Linda McGibbon has had one of her awesome quilts juried into the AQS Quilt Show being held at Paducah later this month. It is in the large wall quilt category and it was longarm machine quilted by Carol Rose. Congratulations!! We are rooting for you to bring home a ribbon - but ribbon or not, getting a quilt in the show is a huge win in itself!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lump-less Binding Tutorial

Heh - I know some of you (including myself) already knew about this, but for those of you who have never tried - here is a great little tutorial on how to achieve "lump-less" binding. Let us know what you think!