Thursday, October 11, 2012

October with Q2 - Part 2

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The above are fabionacci quilts that were pieced in their entirety during the class.  Members of Q2 do good work!!  Following are pictures of ones that didn't get entirely finished-------hope I got them all!!


The above are fabionacci quilts that were pieced in their entirety during the class.  Following are pictures of ones that didn't get entirely finished hope I got them all!!   And, girls, don't forget to bring these to show and tell in November.  Good Job!  (Click pictures to enlarge)

October with Q2 - Part 1

Tuesday, October 9th, was our second meeting of the guild year.  A great turnout!  And a great show and tell!  After the annoucements, door prize that was furnished by Diane Lytle and won by Lori Masley,  showing of the first rounds of the round robin, and all the other business old and new, a delightful talk on "Piecing Quilt Blocks Using Fibonacci Numbers" was given by Ann Simanskey.  Ann is co-owner along with Patty Rapanos of the beautiful new quilt shop here in Midland.    Ann is shown in the picture above along with Kathy, who has her gorgeous fabric for the fibonacci quilt.

Next day, Ann taught a class on this concept.  Fibonacci--I had heard of it but had no idea what it was.   I am still not quite sure how it works, but from the way the pieces made by the class attendees turned out - I am sure you will agree it works!  And it is not difficult.  Quite a few of the girls got their pieces finished.  Some of us did not, but close enough that it won't take much to wind them up.  I am going to post pictures I took at the class.  Will not try to put names to all of them since I do not have names and faces of some of our newer members in my old mind yet, but I promise I eventually will!  It was so good to see the newer Q2 members participate and I hope you had a good time.   You should come to Sit and Sew next week - I am sure you will like it and it's such a good way to get acquainted!! 

Here goes------

I think I missed getting a picture of the pretty Deb Badur!!  I can see her in the background in the last picture!!  Hopefully, she is in one of the upcoming photos.  I am sorry if I forgot anyone else, also!!  (Continued in next post)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Tomorrow Night is Q2!

A reminder that tomorrow night, October 9, Q2 meets at Our Redeemer Church on Poseyville Road - 6:30 social time with the meeting at 7:00. Bring your show and tell and be ready for a fun, informative meeting with your fellow quilters.

Check for more information at the top of the page under "Meetings".
Ann Simanskey, one of the owners Park Bench, a popular place for quilters, will be our guest speaker.  On Tuesday, Ann will teach a class on "Piecing Quilt Blocks Using Fibonacci Numbers" - I think I have heard of it but don't know what it is.  For sure, never to old to learn something new.  I have my fabric and am looking forward to a great time.   The class is at Our Reedemer Church. 

Also want to remind you that Sit and Sew will be next Tuesday, October 16th, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm, at Chapel Lane Church.  The information is on the left sidebar.   What a great way to get acquainted with other Q2 members.  Very informal, bring your projects, machines, hand sewing, etc., whatever your need to get work on and enjoy time with a great group of quilters.  Lunch is whatever you wish--some bring a lunch along and others go out to eat.  You are welcome to do either.  A small donation is taken for the use of the room.

Hope to see you at the meeting, the class and Sit and Sew!!