Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's do Redwork!

The holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving in the morning and Christmas less than a month away.! Such a busy time of year! It gets crazy, making gifts, wrapping presents, cooking! Hard to think about 2014 right around the corner.

On this cold November morning I am setting in my chair with my fuzzy, warm, purring kitty Feather! Thinking about what I want to learn in the new year. We have a wonderful opportunity in February! Leslie is going to teach us all sorts of exciting things to do with Red Work embroidery. I learned to embroidery when I was about 5 or 6 and never learned the things she is planning on teach us, so I can't wait! BUT, we need enough people interested to have the class. SO, have you called Cassie to register for the class? (see previous post)

Also in the spirit of Christmas, please comment in the space below this posting and you will receive a gift at the Christmas party in December!! You do have to be a member to get a gift but that is easy also! Join us! And, please comment below!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Red Work Embroidery Class - Would you like to attend?

Dear Quilt Guild Members,

The Red Work Embroidery class described below will be offered from 10 AM to 2 PM on either, Tuesday February 4 or Saturday, February 15, 2014 depending on which day has the most people signed up for it by December 13, 2013.
If you wish to take this workshop, please send me a note stating which day or days are available to you. We need 15 students to have the class. The class will be held at Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church on Jefferson in Midland.
My email:

Friends - A Red Work Embroidery Class taught by Leslie Peterson:
This is a class that anyone, any skill level can enjoy. In this class you will learn twelve stitches, how to attach beading, thread types and uses and needle techniques to make a very finished and professional piece. You will, also, learn how to color tint your fabric in three ways, all of which will be permanent and washable. A kit will be provided for this class.
Cost: $20 per student for a four hour class + Kit: $15 per student = $35