Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Christmas Dinner

Here are some of the Q2ers patiently awaiting time to go to the buffet and fill their plates!

It was good! Dinner was at Pat and Jerry's in Auburn and for the first time in three years there was no snowstorm - at least until after everyone was home! This morning it looks just like Christmas out there!

There was a nice collection of food for the food drive of Our Redeemer Church for the students of Floyd Elementary School. The Round Robins were shown and redistributed to the participants for the next row.
After dinner, there was a great show and tell which you will find on the sidebar. I do want to single out Amanda's amazing scrap quilt! She is our youngest member (I think I am right on this and, if not, I know I would be right if I said "one of our youngest members"). You will see it in the slideshow - there are over 8000 little triangles in the quilt! Way to go, Amanda!!
Have a lovely Christmas season, fellow quilters!