Monday, March 15, 2010

Blind Auction Entries

JoAnn Fiedler is in charge of taking care of the entries for our blind auction at the upcoming Q2 Quilt show. She wants to get started organizing the items and their donors and asked that we put a form in a post that you could copy, fill it out and return to her. The information she needs is--------------
Phone number and e-mail address:_____________________________________
Item for blind auction:_______________________________________________
Short description:__________________________________________________
Market Value:_____________________________________________________
Minimum Value:___________________________________________________
Best Way to Display:________________________________________________
JoAnn Fiedler - email: Phone 631-3835
This can be copied, pasted and saved in whatever program you use for that purpose. In my case, I saved it in Microsoft Works Spreadsheet. Or you could just highlight it and print it out.
JoAnn would like to receive these as soon as possible to get started making a record of the donations.
Here is a copy of a previous post explaining the blind auction and what is needed:
We are hoping to receive items that are a step above those put into our very successful Bazaar - don't want to change that! For the Auction we are looking for items a "step up" from what you would donate to the Bazaar - please consider quilted items, long arm quilting “time”, etc. Any electrical items (i.e. old Sewing Machines) MUST be in working order- All donations not bid on will be returned to the contributor- You can bring the item during set-up on April 29th; however, we require a contact name and number, a brief description of the donated item, the fair market value and a recommended “minimum bid”. This needs to be provided NO LATER THAN April 13th. We will be creating an inventory and making a list of items for bidders to use so we need this information as soon as possible.- If we have more then one long arm sewer donating time we would ask that you get together and agree on what “formula” you will use so we can be consistent on this particular item.Please contact Ann Ward or Jo Ann Fiedler if you have questions.