Friday, October 8, 2010

Linda's Paper Piecing Class

 On Tuesday, October 5th, a paper piecing class was taught by Linda McGibbon, a master in this art.  Here is the beautiful wall hanging that she taught us how to piece.  She does all her own designs on EQ6 now EQ7.  Linda was very clear in her instructions and took some of the worry out of paper piecing.  Each one in class was doing really good work and the resulting pieces will be beautiful. 
Some of us missed out on the class or part of the class.  I was so sure it was on Wednesday and didn't go (there is a story about my day that I will not bore you with) but Earlene called me and wondered where I was.  I did come out by about 1:00 but was rather rattled - more so than usual!!  Another one that was called was our prez pictured above, Nancy.  She had forgotten until she was called.  Another girl was thinking the class was the same day that I thought it was and the fourth was ill and we hope and pray she is fine. 

Earlene with her pretty start on the wall hanging. 

Deb, it's going to be just gorgeous!

A big smile from one of our new members, Melissa - my dear, I hope I got that right! 

Here's the nice lady that sends out our newsletters!  One of the wedges of her piece is in the foreground and another gorgeous wall hanging.

A pretty smile from Jean as she works on her piece.  That one is a beauty, also.

Marlene's choice of fabrics is so pretty.  They all are going to be wonderful.

Love Nancy's colors.  Fun class and fun ladies attending.

Johanna - look at that smile.  Her wall hanging is going to be lovely.

Guess who - don't have much to show for my day afternoon there but I enjoyed every minute and will be working on mine soon.  I have done some paper piecing, but not the smaller pieces.  Thanks to Linda, I am not leery of them anymore.
If you would like to save any of these pictures to your computer just click to enlarge then save as to whatever file you want them in.  There are some good pictures of you girls there.