Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 2011 Meeting

Here's Joanna and Alice looking on approvingly at the show and tell last night at Q2's monthly guild meeting.  To see some of what they were smiling at, check out the new slideshow in the upper right hand sidebar.  One segment of the S & S isn't there - should have given my camera to someone else to take pictures of those of us who went to Sandy's class a week or two ago and made wave bags  Lots of them were being shown and at least one of the girls has made another one. 

The "Wish You Were Here" challenge quilts were revealed last night also and there are photos of them on the slide show.  Ditto the mystery quilts - there were three of those there to be shown. 

Our upcoming quilt show was discussed and it was stressed that March 21st is the final date you should have your entry forms in to Jean Langrill.  If you have not finished your quilt yet but think you might, go ahead and fill out a form and get it to Jean.  Then, if it doesn't happen, the form can be pulled.  That is much easier than coming at the last minute with the information to be processed.  Closer to the show, we will get all of this information up on the blog.

A couple of videos were shown - one on English paper piecing and another on using and understanding color.  Both had some very good information.  

Lists were out for signing up for the June potluck which is in the planning.   Here is information for that event:
(Click to enlarge)
Happy Quilting, all you Q2 members.