Monday, April 18, 2011

Annual Quilt Show, April 2011 - Part 1

Take this room  amd then add these~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and in a morning and part of an afternoon you come up with a beautiful quilt show and a bazaar, both of which were great successes.  Quilters Squared Quilt Guild held our show this past weekend.  I am posting pictures of the lovely quilts that graced this hall.  I am not trying to put names with the quilts since I am not sure of all.  Just enjoy their beauty - we have amazing quilters in our guild! 

There is one name I will mention and that is Linda McGibbon our featured quilter.  I think most of our guests felt like they had had a wonderful show on their way in!!  So many comments on Linda's amazing quilts.  I will put in pictures I took although the lighting and space out in the hall is hard to get the right pictures to do her pieces justice.   You can at least get the idea!

Now I am going to break off and do a second post since I just did a long one and messed it up much to my dismay.  I have to put all the pictures back in so if I do it in sections I won't have to repeat as much if there is another screwup!!!  Stay tuned, back in a bit.