Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Great Quilt Show!!!!!!!

What a great show this past weekend!  Here is Fran Galke, who was chairman of a successful three days of beautiful quilt viewing with the able help of her good friends and co-horts, Linda Handlon, Kathi Gober, Judy Holycross, and Joan Doner.  (Please, please leave a comment if I left someone out - if I did, I apologize!)   There is so much work that goes into our shows and it was certainly in very capable hands.  Kathi Gober was also our featured quilter and her lovely quilts lined the entryway and hall into the exhibit of quilts.  Thanks also to all the Q2 members (and the fellows they brought along) who helped set up the panels, hang the quilts and set up our very profitable bazaar.   Another lovely show of the beautiful quilts done by a talented group of woman successfully completed.

Now, pictures - I took some and also hijacked some off Facebook.   I am sure if they are on Facebook, that the photographer wants them to be seen!   I am not going to try to put names to the quilts since I don't know all of them.  There were a record number this year, also.  So, here goes - enjoy the show!

There you have it - a good representation of our shows.    Hope you enjoyed looking it over again or, if you were unable to come, to see it for the first time.


  1. What a fantastic show with beautiful quilts. I heard a lot of very positive comments from the people who attended!


  2. I just want to thank everyone who helped make this year a success. Just a note that we had two other helpers that are not guild members on our committee--Janet Fisher, and Carol Mularz.

    Thanks!!!! Fran Galke

  3. Nice job on the photos Carol and yes it was a great show!