Sunday, February 14, 2010

Upcoming Bazaar and Auction...

Everyone - we need all of your help to make our Bazaar and FIRST Auction a success....

We appreciate all of the items you bring in for the Bazaar and would ask the following:

- Consider donating HAND MADE items for the show - in the past we have had pin cushions, needle cases, thread catchers, mini quilts, note cards, collages, dolls, pillows....all kinds of wonderful things - you've still got time so get creative!
- PLEASE price items for us - it really helps - if you are donating fabric please place in ziploc bags - we typically price at $2.00. If you have a large cut piece please price.
- The exception are books, magazines and patterns which the committee will set a standard price for (unless otherwise marked)
Please contact Nancy Stanley or Johanna Frohm if you have questions.

For the Auction we are looking for items a "step up" from what you would donate to the Bazaar - please consider quilted items, long arm quilting “time”, etc. Any electrical items (i.e. old Sewing Machines) MUST be in working order
- All donations not bid on will be returned to the contributor
- You can bring the item during set-up on April 29th; however, we require a contact name and number, a brief description of the donated item, the fair market value and a recommended “minimum bid”. This needs to be provided NO LATER THAN April 13th. We will be creating an inventory and making a list of items for bidders to use so we need this information as soon as possible.
- If we have more then one long arm sewer donating time we would ask that you get together and agree on what “formula” you will use so we can be consistent on this particular item.
Please contact Ann Ward or Jo Ann Fiedler if you have questions.

This years show promises to be very exciting - if you would like to help distribute posters to your Church, place of work, favorite group or friends please contact Julie Oman..