Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Meeting

Quilters Squared had a busy meeting last night with lots of show and tell, the Story Book Challenge revealed, drawings ( I have forgotten the winners but you know who you are!!), talk of the fast approaching quilt show the end of this month, signups for Carolyn Freeman's class in May which sounds like lots of fun and also signups for our dinner in June to close out the year.

After all the business was taken care of, Krista Proust of Rosebush, Michigan, talked to us about women of the Civil War from 1800. She gave a delightful talk and brought along some wonderful old quilts for us to enjoy.

Here is Krista showing a very old, very fragile quilttop.

I think the quilt above on the left was one that was made for the 1933 Century of Progress and I think that was held in Chicago - but correct me if I am wrong. The quilt on the right is an absolute delight with butterflies, tulips, and other flowers appliqued on I think she said four old feedsacks. Again, just leave a comment to correct me or to add something I forgot. This one is just wonderful.

The red and white is the monkey wrench pattern - am I okay on that? And the one on the left is a quilt she appliqued with old hankies. How charming that is.

More butterflies flying on the diagonal rows - each with friends in like colors. So very pretty.

My favorite - each one is pieced and I think maybe appliqued on a block. The fabrics are so beautiful - what a great quilt. The border is a little strange and it has a ruffle - almost patriotic - but the quilt can't be beat as far as I'm concerned.

Enjoy this closeup by clicking on it-----------------------------

and this one, also. I plan to put these pictures on my blog, also, so other quilt lovers can enjoy them. (Click to enlarge)

Thanks to Krista for a nice presentation. And, there are two slide shows on the right side bar - show and tell and the challenge reveal. Enjoy.