Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilt Show Tips

I know we are not as big as the Quilt Shows in Houston, Paducah, Chicago or other big cities. But heh, we’ve been going strong for SEVEN years now so something keeps folks coming back!
In preparation for enjoying our show I thought I’d provide some tips for you to follow…

1. Bring a quilting buddy (or two or more!) – Someone who you can discuss the a. fantastic skills b. choice of fabric c. clever color combinations d. intricate appliqué work etc. etc. etc. of our quilters (I’m not kidding – they really are fantastic).

2. Be sure to “ooh and ahh” loud enough for us to hear you (but please don’t faint if you are overwhelmed by our stuff – my first aid is rusty). You might want to practice with your buddies in the car on the way to our Show. After all, we want to know we’ve got your attention! And while you’re at it be sure to vote for your favorite piece – it’s always a pleasure to be considered “viewers choice”!

3. Bring plenty of small bills – the ladies working the Bazaar area will appreciate it – and we promise you this is one of the favorite parts of our show. We’ve got the best deals in town on fabric, magazines, books and other neat “surprises”. I know you’ve got small change squirreled away somewhere – this is the weekend to spend it! (And we provide discrete shopping bags in case you feel the need to smuggle items back home - hee hee)

4. Unlike other shows, you really can bring your “significant other” and they won’t be bored – they are CERTAIN to enjoy watching the Blacksmiths in action – what a great compliment to our fabric art hanging next door! You’ll be amazed at their work – including items in our first ever Auction!

5. Comfortable shoes are a must – no we don’t take up “acres” of space but while you’re at the show why not wander around Heritage Park too and see the lovely buildings. Or take a quick stroll up the Pere Marquette Rail Trail – maybe break in those new tennies you bought for the summer (LOL). All quilters know you CAN burn calories doin the show stroll!

6. Bring your camera – we love people taking pictures of our masterpieces – lots for us to be proud of – and we don’t mind that you might just get inspired by what we’ve done.

7. Finally, have a GREAT time – we have often received wonderful comments on how fun our show is – just like minded folks who want you to enjoy their craft as much as they do.
Yes it will be nice weather this weekend (that’s what I’m predicting and I ‘m sticking to it) but why run the risk of getting a sun burn (you’ve got all summer after all)? Come on indoors and enjoy our lovely show April 30th, May1st and May 2nd – you won’t regret it. Jewels