Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cogs and Gears Class

Friday found a group of Q2 guild members enjoying a class taught by Carolyn Freeman at the church that hosts our Sit and Sew group one Tuesday a month. What a fun class, Carolyn, and what pretty cogs and gears were put together.Lots and lots of tracing and cutting. Old paper doll addicts like me were enjoying cutting the pieces albeit they were intricate and a little hard to get started. I am not going to try and put the names of the makers to the different blocks but will say that all of them are just beautiful. Great choices were made in colors by our ladies.

Some beautiful bright colors.

Don't we have guild members with a remarkable ability to pick and choose color and fabric?

Gorgeous choice!

Another gem.

This one will be a stunner, also.

Carolyn overseeing some of her students who are all concentrating on their job at hand - cutting.

You have to look up once in a while!
Still more of our cutups!

I notice that several of the girls turn sideways on their chairs to do their cutting.
All caught up in the job at hand.
A good day - and I think the results that will come out of this class will be outstanding. Thanks for a fun class, Carolyn. (Click to enlarge)