Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a Wonderful Show

This past weekend, Q2 had it's seventh annual show (I think that's right) and from the numbers I hear, it is our most successful show to date! The official number I don't have but I do know that is was over 400. We all owe a big thank you to Julie Oman and her hardworking crew that were responsible for this great event. I am not going to try and list all of the girls who worked so hard since I would be sure to leave some out. However, in a later post, they will receive the credit that is due. There are so many that put so much time and energy in our show - above is how the hall was set up to receive the quilts. A crew came in Wednesday evening and did all the assembly of the partitions.
After the girls did the hanging of the quilts on Thursday, the hall looked like the above picture.

We had many, many gorgeous quilts and innovative ways had to be put into practice to get all of the lovely pieces on view. This beauty goes around a corner to be displayed.

The onset of the bazaar - an extremely popular part of our show and a big money maker for us. Our members made many fun, useful items that were very popular - pin cushions, fabric bowls, thread catchers, purses, and other great things that shopping quilters enjoy. Also, the books, magazines and fabric that were brought in were very, very popular. Some of our showgoers head to the bazaar first, then enjoy the show at a leisurely rate.

An eyecatching display in a corner of some of the items in our "other" category to cover pieces done by our members that are not quilts or wallhangings. The lovely collage in the antique picture frame is by Julie, our "Mother Hen" for the quilt show. And the adorable doll is by the very talented Ann Ward - how does she do it? Her work is just plain wonderful.
We also had a blind auction that featured items made by our members and also by the Blacksmiths who were holding a demonstration of their work in the building next to us. That was a very nice feature. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful place to hold our show and do owe the Historical Society our sincere gratitude for being able to use the wonderful facilities.
Can't wait for guild to hear all the news - the winners of the different categories, the final figure of show goers, the amount of money brought in.
Thank you so much!! See you Tuesday. (Click to enlarge)

P. S. The slideshow is up on the right sidebar. I didn't get good pictures on Thursday (had my camera on some goofy setting, I think) but I did get back in time Sunday afternoon to get a few more. Enjoy.