Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 2011 Meetings

Guild activities started last week with our first meeting on Tuesday and the next day a machine quilting workshop hosted by Kathy Mallory using the Patsy Thompson tapes in the guild library.   One more class will be held next Wednesday, September 28.  

It was a big group at the first meeting of the guild year.  Lots of gorgeous show and tell and I have finally uploaded the pictures to Flickr and put up a slide show.  Sounds like we will have some great programs and hopefully the members will take advantage of the opportunities to take some fun classes that are being offered.  It also is a way to really get to know other guild members.  The meetings are always busy and hard to really get acquainted when you are there.  Working on committees for the quilt show is another good way to get to know others.  And, also, Sit and Sew if you don't work.  Good fun with a good bunch of gals. 

Enjoy the slide show.