Friday, May 18, 2012

Leslie's Fun Hand Buttonhole Class

(I forgot to give credit to Stephanie for the great pictures she took at the class!  Thank you, Steph!!)

Last Wednesday, Leslie Peterson taught a class in hand buttonhole applique at the Chapel Lane  Presbyterian Church where we always meet for our Sit and Sew sessions.  What an enjoyable day with a great teacher, a good group of students and fun projects to work on.  Here is Leslie giving Earlene some pointers.
Bonnie and Janet getting ready to start the task at hand.  Leslie had made kits for all of us that contained the pattern, wool, needles and some floss.  The big bin on the table in the above picture was full of wonderful wool and some other fabric which she so graciously shared if you wanted a different color for your pattern.  Many different kinds of wonderful thread were passed around for all to see how much there is to choose from in the shops. 
Busy working on their buttonhole stitching - starting at center front and continuing clockwise around the table - Marlene, Helen, Kathy, Carol, Diane Bonnie Janet and Leslie.   Stephanie was taking the picture, I think you can see Earlene in the background by the window and I know Marsha and Melissa were there.  Don't forget that I am old - so leave a comment and add anyone that I forgot to mention.  If I did forget anyone, I am so sorry!
Here is one of the pieces that was a choice to make.  I am not sure who is making this one - so again, leave a comment.  It is so pretty.
Leslie holds up my little black wool wallhanging that I did several years ago.  It is machine buttonhole stitched.  She has used that and a little white one to show at another class she taught a few weeks ago.
I brought along some tapestry yarn that I used lots of years ago for needlepoint.  I thought it might be nice for wool applique, too.   Would you believe they laughed at the way I keep my yarn?  Really gave me a hard time, but I will probably continue to do just as I always have.  Hard to teach an old dog new tricks!  In this picture, you can see that Marsha is sitting next to Helen and Melissa is engrossed in her work. 
Helen and Marlene intent on  the task at hand.   Such a nice way to spend a day being with fellow quilters working on some really cute projects.
I chose the other pattern and here is a picture I took of my piece to use in a post on my blog.  It was hard to decide which one to choose.  I have done some more stitching on the vase now and am looking forward to fiinishing it.  Will be fun finding the fabric for the sashing and border.  

Thanks, Leslie, for the great job of preparing all the kits and making the class such an enjoyable occasion!!