Friday, May 4, 2012

Meeting Coming Up and A Link

Two things today--first of all Jackie Fellows has taken a lot of nice photos of the quilts shown at our show this past weekend and has set up an account on Flickr where you can go and look them over and also download some of them if you wish.  The link is    Drop on over to Flickr and enjoy Jackie's pictures.  Thank you so much, Ms. Fellows!!  

Next item is that our meeting is next Tuesday,  May 8th, same place, same time--if you need to be reminded of where it is on one of the sidebars.  You should have also received your monthly newsletter, also sent out by Jackie, with the information on what will be going on at the meeting.   We will learn all about the success of the quilt show - the record attendance, the money that the bazaar made and the names of the quilters who had their quilts chosen as favorites by the attendees.  Don't miss it!

See you there.