Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year - Away we go!

Holidays are done - check
Not sick - check!
Cold - check!
Must be time to get back to work! Q2 meeting tomorrow night, can't wait! What have you started in the new year? My new sewing/craft room is ready and I am ready to get started on something! Share in comments what you are working on/or starting. Let's help each other get moving and keep moving! Even if you aren't in Q2 and just reading the blog, what are you sewing/making?

Looking forward to seeing all of you!


  1. I have spent the afternoon cutting fabric for a project for the Stitching Well. It is a baby quilt using a pineapple block that is super easy and of course a little embroidery square in the center of each. Oh so sweet, it is in peaches, teals, tans and cream.

  2. I am getting ready to start another baby quilt for the family. I am also cutting out a queen size quilt for me. I thought is was about time that I made one for myself. I have a couple of lap size pinned and ready to quilt.

  3. I'm working on a baby quilt, too, for my third great grandchild who is due any minute! She will get here before the quilt is finished, but hopefully will only be a few weeks old when she gets her quilt. Her middle name will be Carol - isn't that sweet!

  4. I need to get working on a baby quilt also for a little one arriving in the summer.
    I am currently working on a large art quilt of a wolf. It is painted, and heavily thread sketched.In fact my thread work was so heavy the piece became wonky and required "plastic surgery" to his face to take out excess fabric. He may not turn out to be the beauty I planned but all is not lost because it is a learning process.
    Our bazaar is fast approaching so I have worked on some projects for it. A reversible apron and smart phone pouch are some easy and useful projects.
    Mastectomy pillows are also on my project list. I have done four, but plan to do more.
    There is so much to do for some great causes and it is fun to be able to help and sew at the same time!

  5. working on a bom from park bench...hoping to get it finished in Feb...

  6. Working on 6 quilts to be graduation gifts for my daughter's friends. She started them at Christmas and I...silly, helpful mother that I am...offered to finish them for her. Have all the tops pieced, now they just need to be quilted.