Saturday, October 4, 2014

What fun!

Went to Lowe's today to get my paint chips for the quilt challenge. My sister went with me and helped. I brought home 42 paint chips, what fun! Words like poetic, Mark Twain, catwalk and Moroccan, you would never even guess the colors! Now the tough part, have to narrow the 42 to 3 or maybe 4 (if I add my maiden name). Whew!



  1. I have yet to get mine...haven't been to the store yet...hopefully soon.

  2. I got mine done and to the quilter already.

  3. I haven't started mine yet. No time. Husband had surgery last week at Beaumont. I can not wait to get started but having trouble narrowing down my ideas of what subject to choose. Regardless, it will be an art quilt.
    Congrats to all the BirchRun entrants and winners! We have a talented group.