Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Quilt Show

PASS THE TIARA – "Shores of Michigan"

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2017 Pass the Tiara – "Shores of Michigan" show April 28, 29 and 30.

Our thanks to the Heritage Park, the Midland County Historical Society and Gary Skory, Museum Director, and the Max Carey Blacksmith Guild for their continuing support.

With the assistance of family and friends, Cassie hung her quilts.
The show highlighted quilts by Cassie Cuthbert, our featured quilter, and by our members.

Viewers voted on their favorites in the eight categories -- Water Wonderland Challenge, Round Robin, Mystery Quilt,  Large Quilt, Lap/Twin, Miniature/Wall, Miscellaneous, and Two Color.

First, second and third places are shown in the following photos. (click on a photo to enlarge it)

Photos of Cassie provided by Jean Langrill.

Challenge Quilt: Kathleen Albee, Mary Ann Howard, Marcia Streeter
Round Robin: Maryann Howard, Rosemary Quinn, Lori Masley
Mystery Quilt: Kathy Albee, Helen Mudd, Nicole Northard
Large Quilt (tie for first place): Karen Adamcik, Kathy Albee, Deb Badour

Lap/Twin:  Lori Masley, Leslie Peterson, Marilyn Johanson
Miniature/Wall: Mary Brown, Kathy Mallory, Kathy Albee
Miscellaneous: Mary Brown, Annie Rengering, Leslie Peterson
Two Color: Nancy Wyse, Linda Radek, Beverly Hill