Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January, 2011 Meeting

And the Oscar goes to----------Darlene and
Elaine, our co-chairmen of the Q2 Annual Quilt Show to be held - when is that show date?  Oh, I think it is in April!  The gals put on a very cute, well rehearsed skit passing along information and asking for help from the members of the guild.   It really is fun to work on the show and a good way to get acquainted with your fellow quilt enthusiasts.  So if you possibly can, jump on the quilt wagon and lend a hand with our show.  You will have fun in the process.

I have been trying to get a slideshow of the show and tell up but so far have not had success.  Don't know what is wrong since I have been putting them up each month for quite a while.  You can never do anything if the computer doesn't want you to do it.  Will keep working on it.

Not as many turned out on a snowy evening with the roads being rather dicey, but still a nice group.  Sandy Peregoy gave a presentation regarding the class she will be teaching next month.  We will be making a tote or purse and she had examples of the finished products and gave us info on what we had to do as homework before the class.  Looks like it will be a fun class.

Will keep trying on the slide show.  (It's up there  now along with pictures from our Christmas dinner at Pi's!)   Don't forget that next Tuesday will be Sit and Sew at Chapel Lane - hope to see you there.  (Click to enlarge)