Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Just Around the Corner

Here it is - the Carriage House Hall ready and waiting for all the beautiful quilts that will be hanging within its walls weekend after next (April 27-29)!  Some of the gals and their significant others will go over there on Wednesday evening (I assume) and set up the dividers you see here that will proudly hold the lovely pieces done by the Q2 members over the last year or so.  The hallway this year will feature the lovely work of Fran Galke, a long time member of Q2.  There will be dulcimer music, giveaways, coupons from various quilt shops and our ever popular bazaar.  Don't forget to go through your stash of fabric, magazines, etc. to donate to this great money making project for the guild.  And we hope you have taken the time (if at all possible) to make some items yourself to offer for sale to our show attendees.  An exhibit and demonstrations by the Max Carey Blacksmith Guild will be a draw for the men who come along with their ladies.

We want you to take special note of the times for some demonstrations that will be a part of our show this year.  Hope you can make all or at least one of them. 

Kathi Gober
Creative Grid Rulers and Their Uses
Friday & Saturday - All Day

Kathy Tate, Material Mart
Sewing Machine Feet Techniques
Friday and Saturday - 11:00-12-30

 Tina Bauer, Bittersweet Shop
Easy Quilting with Precut Fabrics
Sunday - All Day

Q2 has a reputation for putting on a wonderful show with varied techniques done by talented quilters.  This year will live up to that reputation, I am sure.  So see you at "Pass the Tiara - Gardens in Bloom" weekend after next (April 27 - 29)!  Until then, happy quilting.