Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Wonderful Show!!

The view that greeted you as you prepare to pay your $3.00 that enables you to take in the wonderful annual quilt show that Quilters Squared Quilt Guild put on this past weekend.  And what a successful show it was - over 600 attendees (someone comment if you have the exact number) and a wildly successful bazaar.   A big thank you to Darlene Smith and Elaine Crewes and all the gals who worked so hard on planning and making everything happen for the success of this awesome event.  I won't attempt to name others as I know I would leave someone out - but thank you so much for everything all of the workers did from getting the word out, the giveaways for the viewers, the preparation and keeping track of all of the labels (that is a job, I know, since I did that one year!), the taking in and the hanging of the quilts, the setting up of the easels (or whatever they are called) that hold the quilts, the taking in and getting ready for the bazaar (those gals were working like little beavers), the quilters who came to sit at the table and greet our guests (that is really more fun than work, though), and I have probably left out some of the jobs done by our members.  Again, we would love to have you comment and add to this list.  That is one thing we don't much of on this blog, and it would be kind of nice to find a comment once in a while.  Now, I am going to post some pictures - I won't put names with the quilts since I just don't know who some of them belong to.  I have also taken some of the pictures the Midland Historical Society has on Facebook and will post some of them.  Since they sponsor us, I feel sure they won't mind.  The picture above is from that group.

This are the quilts of our featured quilter, Fran Galke, in the foyer as you came in.
And here is Fran.

Part of our great bazaar.

 The quild challenge quilts - part of them

Here's Julie Oman - she's been our bazaar lady for a long time but this year wasn't able to be there for the set up.

I wanted to say a few words about this wonderful wallhanging.  If you look at the picture right beneath it you will see that this is an interpretation of that photo.  It is a young fellow surprising his girl with a diamond.  The story is on the little paper along with the photo and if you click on the picture you can read the little story.  This was done by Kathy Albee.   She had taken a class  and was able to do this absolutely beautiful piece.  It is gorgeous!!  I am in awe.

I wanted to add this closeup of the freehand quilting that Kathy Mallory is doing on her home sewing machine.  Look at those itsy bitsy beautiful  circles and the lovely feathers.  Her work is absolutely incredible.   
I'm sorry I didn't get all of the quilts in but I think there is a good representation of the lovely items we had in our 2012 show.  Now all of you get working on your entries for2013!  (Click on the pictures and they will enlarge)