Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Meeting

Quilters Squared met last night at our new meeting room in Our Redeemer Church on Poseyville Road. A lively group of ladies attended to hear Ann Simanskey from Material Mart give a talk on
Weapons of Mass Instruction pertaining to cloth, thread and needles. Ann also brought along some of the many lovely quilts she has made over the years. Thank you, Ann, for a great presentation.

A lovely quilt done with machine embroidered blocks is shown to the group.

The business meeting was conducted by our Prez, Nancy Stanley. Julie Oman, who heads up our quilt show, talked about the early preparations and asked for members to sign up for helping with the many advance preparations needed for a successful show. Round robin quilts were shown and bags redistributed - looking good, girls! There is a slide show of our November Show and Tell on the right sidebar.
Julie made a beautiful little wall hanging for a giveaway to people leaving comments on the blog. The lucky winner of that drawing was Jean Langrill. I was not allowed to be in the drawing, darned it! :-( You can see a picture of it by going back several posts. I will take my turn and do a giveaway, also, by the January meeting. Will let you know for sure.
Don't forget that next Tuesday will be Sit and Sew - come if you can! The time and place are in the left sidebar.