Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Program

Heh everyone - less then a week before our next meeting! This month Ann Simanskey will be presenting "Weapons of Mass Instruction" - different types of threads, needles and fabrics, and how they can be used (should be interesting - remember our big debate last year during the repair guy's visit on the "worthiness" of Coats thread???). Be sure to bring your Show and Tell, Round Robin and anything else you would like to share. Also, FOH and I would appreciate you returning the form from last month with your blog ideas AND we need those ideas for our Blacksmith partners for next year's Quilt Show (whew, let me catch my breath, that sounds like a lot!).

Finally - don't forget - keep leaving comments - repeat "offenders" have even a better chance of winning our fabulous Give Away! Cheers to those of you who have persevered and figured out how to blog as "anonymous" ;->! See you soon! Jewels