Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Q2 Meeting

Waiting for the meeting to start, Q2 members get caught up with what has been going on with their quilting buddies. It was a full agenda last night - business meeting, fat quarter drawing, door prize (lucky Deb B to win the just beautiful pin cushion in a teacup that Julie made - you can see it on her blog by clicking on it in the lefthand sidebar), round robins and a great show and tell that you can catch by going to the top of the right sidebar and watching the slideshow.

Then Linda M gave us a great demonstration of the way she designs her quilts on Electric Quilt 6. The above picture of her playing card for last year's challenge was designed on that program. Linda is absolutely amazing with her designing and carrying her designs through to completion. Her work is awesome!This little wallhanging that was in our show - as well as the gorgeous quilt that won Viewer's Choice - were also designed on EQ6. It is software that has many facets - it would also be great for those of us who adore applique and I am sure embroiderer's could even find patterns therein. I have EQ5 but have never done much more than "play" with it and it's wonderful for that, also. I did find out how to import fabric and have designed some simple things. I have contemplated updating to 6 and would if I were younger. I keep wondering how old you have to be to quit wanting to do everything you see!
Thank you, Linda, for a great presentation. We look forward to seeing your next amazing piece.
(Click to enlarge)