Friday, October 23, 2009

Give Away!

Jewels: Heh Fun Old Hag!
FOH: Yes Jewels?
Jewels: I’m thinking we need to kick start our Blog.
FOH: What did you have in mind?
Jewels: I thought we could do something really rad for our Guild peeps.
FOH: I’ll have to ask my granddaughters what that means!
Jewels: You know, do something really excellent for our Blog followers.
FOH: That sounds like fun!
Jewels: Yes, I thought of doing a Give Away, but nothing from my inheritance …
FOH: What do you mean?
Jewels: You know – when you came to realize I was a long lost love child of yours that you decided to officially adopt and leave me all your quilting stuff
FOH: Hmmmm seems I have a lot of those in the Guild – I must have been unconscious those 9 months.
Jewels: Dang, well I thought we could tell everyone that they can leave as many comments as they want until November 8th and then we would announce the winner at our next Guild meeting.
FOH: What is the prize?
Jewels: This lovely fabric collage

FOH: Sounds pretty rad to me!
Jewels: Oh and sorry, you can’t leave a comment – knowing your luck you’d win!
FOH: Oh double Dang!
For our Guild members – just leave a comment on any posts between this one and our next Guild meeting on Nov 10th! If you choose Anonymous to leave your comment, please leave your first name and last name initial so we can figure out who you are – or send one of us an email saying you left a comment. We look forward to hearing from you. And if this goes well we will DEFINETLY have more Give Aways in the future.

Have Fun! Jewels (aka Julie) and Fun Old Hag (aka Carol)