Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Meeting

Quilters Squared met last night with a very enthusiastic group in attendance. Pictured above is Delphine of Delphine's Quilt Shop in Gaylord, MI, who presented a trunk show featuring many beautiful old antique quilts and equally beautiful quilts that she had made. I apologize for some of my pictures many of which I had to delete. Won't try to take them with the zoom since I think that is what made them so fuzzy.

This was one of the quilts that everyone loved. It had been rescued from a landfill! How could that be that someone would toss a lovely quilttop like that out in the trash? Delphine gave a great presentation that everyone enjoyed. Thanks so much!!

This is a lovely example of her quilts. Her work is wonderful. A slideshow is on the sidebar. Enjoy.

Here is a quilt from Show and Tell. I cannot remember who it was made by - isn't it a beauty? If it's yours or if you know who it belongs to, you could leave a comment ;_). Show and Tell is running on the sidebar.

Nancy, our president, Robyn and Lori show off a beautiful top.

Incredible! One by Linda McGibbons - thousands of pieces in this paperpieced masterpiece that she designed on EQ!
Lori, Nancy and Deb doing business with Earlene, our treasurer. All we can see of Earlene is her arm! Nancy Stanley, our president, ready to call the meeting to order.

These ladies are enjoying whatever is in the box - and in the second picture we have members at our quilting gambling table. Speaking of which - see the lovely orange bag? That is the October door prize brought by Tam. At our Christmas dinner last December, I won the doorprize - and actually drew my own name. I had won quite a few of the fat quarter drawings and was hearing all kind of remarks so I haven't been putting fat quarters in. So, therefore, I was really razzed in December! Last night, Julie went to buy some tickets and I gave her a dollar. The first number drawn out wasn't claimed by anyone - so there was another draw. Can you believe it was my number again? Lots of giggles and catcalls and lots of fun!! And what a great doorprize - a small portable iron that is new on the market. I should buy some tickets for the lottery, maybe------
I think Nancy Wyse won the fat quarters - someone correct me if I am wrong.
The first round of the round robins were shown. I took some pictures but not a one came out so will try and do better next time.
We are in need of a co-chairman and Linda McGibbons will accept that office. Thank you, Linda!
Tomorrow is my class in machine buttonhole applique at the Chapel Lane Presbyterian Church. I am looking forward to seeing some of you and hope that I can do a good job teaching. I am certainly going to try!
If I left anything out and you would like to see it on the blog, leave a comment or e-mail me at
Happy Quilting!