Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Q2 Board Meeting

Tuesday evening, October 6th, a Q2 board meeting was held at the home of President Nancy Stanley. (Nancy makes a great pot of veggie soup!!) Many subjects were covered and some decisions made. Charitable projects were discussed and it is believed two quilts for Shelter House are still being worked on. Julie Oman is the contact for Shelter House. Pillowcases can still be made and more have been received from Helen Mudd. The contact person for these is Barb Ellis.

It was decided that no speakers will be booked for the first meeting in the fall. There is always so much to talk about and we are eager to show what we have made during the summer and to see what our fellow quilters have done. This leaves little time for everything that needs to be on the agenda and a speaker, also. Nancy S. will get in touch with Lori Masley to be sure she has grabbers for show and tell.

Discussion centered around setting up tables to sit around at meetings. It was decided that it would be better to just use the chairs (at least for now) in order to encourage more mingling of members.

Contact for meeting cancellation due to weather is Tam Premo. It was decided that the policy will remain if school is cancelled, our meeting will be cancelled. Exception is Christmas Banquet and we are committed to that snow or shine! The last two dinners have been on snowy nights but we had big turnouts!

We will be looking for a nominating committee to work on next year's board, a banquet committee, and a secretary for board and guild meetings.

Fat quarters!! The object of the "Fat Chance" is to put fat quarters into the basket - 1 or as many as you wish - and for each one you put in, write your name on a slip of paper and put it in the basket. The name drawn takes all of FQs.

Door prize: You buy a ticket (or as many as you want) and later in the evening the drawing is held. Good luck!! The prizes are furnished by a different person each month and there usually is a sign up sheet. They should be worth at least $10.00.

There will be more information on other items discussed at the meeting next week. Bylaws will be looked at, refund policy on classes, and other important matters will be brought to your attention.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the new meeting room. I missed the first one and am anxious to see our new home. :-) Carol

P.S. Take a peek directly to the right of this post. Would sure love to see some more pictures of followers for Pass the Tiara!! Pretty please! The Old Hag