Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quilt Show Spotlight

We are going to try some new things next year at our Quilt Show (get those dates on your calendar, April 30th - May 2nd 2010). Over the next few weeks we will share how plans are going and get your input including the following!!!!
Great news for hubbies and others who tag along with our "show goers"! Did you know that The Carriage House features an amazing collection of horse-drawn carriages and sleighs, and is home to mid-Michigan’s largest functioning blacksmith’s shop! We will be partnering with the Max Carey Blacksmith Guild, who have graciously agreed to have their shop next door to our Quilt Show open during the show! They will be demonstrating their craft, which FOH and I think is pretty neat. Here is some information about their Guild.

The Guild was informally begun in the late 1970s by a few men who were passionate regarding the craft and art of blacksmithing. They were led and taught by Max Carey, who had earlier generously donated his extensive collection of horse-drawn vehicles and blacksmithing equipment to the Midland County Historical Society (MCHS) and whose generosity was the primary reason for the construction of the Carriage House in 1975. Soon the group began meeting weekly, and they chose the group's name out of respect and appreciation for the skills, generosity and dedication of Max Carey.

Today the Guild has dozens of members consisting of men and women who carry on the skills and vision of Max Carey, who was so dedicated to continuing the craft of blacksmithing. The group meets most Wednesdays at the Carriage House and welcomes visitors and members to stop by. In addition to creating items of beauty and function for themselves and others, Guild members also assist the MCHS in a wide variety of ways including teaching classes, volunteering for special events and programs, forging items for the MCHS - including the outstanding fencing, arches, and trellises located on the Historical Sites grounds.


This is where we need YOUR help. The blacksmiths have agreed to make items for our Silent Auction to be held during our show (another new event!). They are looking for suggestions of things they can make - especially if it relates to quilting. If you drop by the MCHS main building you can see some of their work on display (really beautiful stuff). So put on your thinking caps and bring ideas to our November meeting - if you have pictures that would be even better as it gives the blacksmiths something to work from.
ALSO as a reminder - comment on any posting before our next meeting and you could win a FABULOUS prize ;-> Post as many times as you like (the better chance of winning)!
Look forward to seeing all of you on the 10th! Jewels